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Heat equipment

Full range of equipment for heat and power generation, district heating
Petrochemical industry

Solutions and equipment for production, transportation and processing of oil and gas. Water supply and wastewater disposal
Municipal water supply and treatment systems

Solutions for drinking water purification and supply for utility companies using different treatment technologies
Mining industry

Improving the efficiency of production, dressing, transportation, construction (surface and underground). Water supply and wastewater disposal
Electrical equipment

Solutions for communication and operation control of the equipment involved in the same process

Municipal wastewater treatment plants

Solutions for wastewater treatment for utility companies using various treatment technologies
Waste energy

Solutions for efficient use of waste energy
Industrial wastewater treatment plants

Solutions for wastewater treatment for industrial enterprises using various treatment technologies

Circulating water supply systems

Solutions for water supply of industrial enterprises, ensuring maximum water saving

Food and processing industry
Increasing the efficiency of production, economic and raw capacity of the enterprises. Water supply and wastewater disposal.

Renewable energy

Use of biomass, water, sun and wind energy
Waste incineration

Solutions with zero or positive environmental impact

Zero liquid discharge technology

Solutions to reduce the amount of liquid waste to zero resulting in water of the required quality for reuse.
Waste-free water demineralization

Solutions for the production of high-quality demineralized water by desalting pre-prepared water from a surface source
Waste water sludge incineration

Solutions for efficient and safe sludge removal