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Construction of cast iron plant in Pang Pet, Republic of the Union of Myanmar

Construction of cast iron plant in Pang Pet, Republic of the Union of Myanmar
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Aquaecology ALC participated in realization of large-scale project of construction a plant for the production of cast iron in Pang Pet of Shan Province, Republic of the Union of Myanmar, the capacity of 200 000 tonnes of pig iron per year.

The project fulfills Russian company JSC VO "Tyazhpromexport", which is the general contractor for the project, according to Romelt Technology (NRTU MISA) processing of low-enriched local iron ore deposits.

In the 2012 - 2013 year on the instructions of the general contractor of the project, Aquaecology ALC started the project together with the Belarusian design company "Belnipienergoprom" responsible for the design of circulating systems of plant cycles, namely heat recovery unit, main production shop Romelt and Oxygen Plant Station, and plant fire-fighting system pipelines. During project development specialists proposed a number of technological solutions and in the course of project Aquaecology ALC worked out the best solutions for these systems as well as fire designed water supply system.

Proposed reagents and dosing system allow customers to comprehensively solve the problem of systems and enterprise units corrosion and the fouling of pipelines, which is extremely important in a tropical climate and the rainy seasons. Implemented is fully automated and do not require large expenditures and is remotely controlled from a common control system of the shops.

In 2014, Aquaecology ALC began implementing the delivery of previously projected equipment at the plant site.

In June 2016 experts of Aquaecology ALC came in the Republic of the Union of Myanmar to implement the erection and commissioning of the equipment supplied. During the visit to the company specialists fulfilled all obligations to the integration of the supplied equipment dosing systems and pipelines into the plant system, successfully tested the operation of all supplied systems after the completion of installation. Also during the visit, our specialists carried out the inspection and provided recommendations on the rules of storage and use bladeless reagent systems.

Participation of Aquaecology ALC in the construction of the plant for the production of cast iron is an important technological and at the same time a social project. First of all, it is the development of industry in the region, the spread of advanced technologies in the field of processing of water circulating water supply and creation of new jobs. In the process of realization of the project for the future management of the production process training of personnel was carried out on the Myanmar construction site.

Aquaecology believes that participation in such projects allows to implement reliable, cost-effective and efficient technologies, to protect the environment.