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GRP pipelines for CCGT-400 unit at Minsk CHP 5

GRP pipelines for CCGT-400 unit at Minsk CHP 5
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In 2010-2011, with the participation of experts of the People's Republic of China was implementedthe project of building the combined-cycle unit PGU-400 at Minsk CHP-5. In the framework of the project envisaged the construction of a steel circulating water pipeline length of over 3000 m and a diameter of 2400 mm with internal protective coating according to the traditional technology. Restrictions on timing of construction and the desire to reduce the cost of construction has led to the search for new technical solutions and technologies. RUE "Belnipienergoprom" supported by ALC Aquaecology and the company "HOBAS" ("Amiblu") on the basis of the results of the tender for the purchase of pipes has decided to replace the steel pipeline to fiberglass, which allowed under the best hydraulic characteristics of fiberglass to reduce the diameter of the closed circulation systems up to 2000 mm and significantly reduce the amount of excavation and construction works.

Quick installation of fiberglass CC-GRP Pipes has allowed to significantly reduce the input time of the pipeline into operation, and the properties of the material - to extend the service life of the pipeline, due to the absence of corrosion effect.

In addition the use of fiberglass pipe leads to lower energy costs for pumping fluids into the circulation and sewer systems due to favorable hydraulic characteristics of GRP pipes: it prevents the formation of plaque and allow the use of smaller diameter pipe than steel at the same volume flow.

Delivery and technical support of the project at all stages carried out by specialists of ALC Aquaecology supported by "HOBAS" ("Amiblu") plant chief engineer.

In the construction of the circulation pipeline of PGU-400 at Minsk CHP-5 were used fiberglass pipes and fittings of the company "HOBAS" ("Amiblu") with inner diameter (DN) of 2000 mm, with ring stiffness (SN) 5000, SN10000, and PN6 pressure class.

The use of our technology has greatly reduced (to exclude in some moments), the following types of fixed costs:

- To carry out installation works for GRP pipes do not need welding joints and check for leaks;

- Protection against corrosion. Costs for steel pipe inner insulation (coating solution on cement basis), and highly enhanced waterproofing external corrosion up to 200% of the original cost of the steel pipe;

- On the emergency and planned repairs of steel pipes and replacing them at the end of the life of the steel pipe;

- On the electrochemical corrosion protection.